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Latest News! 15/11/2018

Finally we have news, and it's a rather spiffing event even if we say so ourselves. Yes you can now own Morgueazm's first two CD releases in a 2 CD set. Remastered with extra bonus tracks, this set contains 26 terrifyingly ticklish tunes to both amuse and amaze. Perfect for Halloween, Christmas, Weddings, Funerals and Bar-Mitzvahs.

You can purchase physical CDs (available soon), or download them right now, directly from CD Baby.

Latest News! 31/10/2018

Gramie & Brett have had a few years off, living life to the full, fun times and also hard times. Our old NWOBHM Band "Blood Money" have had some great news, a 30 year anniversary release of both their albums "Red Raw And Bleeding" and "Battlescarred" pressed and released by Heavy Forces Record in Germany. They were released as coloured vinyl and black vinyl with posters and extra bonus tracks from the BBC Tommy Vance Friday Night Rock Show session recordings in 1987. Also Blood Money were included in a book about the life and times of Tommy Vance, available on AMAZON "TV on the radio by David Stainton" (writing overseen by Tommy's daughter).

Both albums are available from iTunes, just click on the album covers to get yours!

Blood Money were also included in a book about UK Thrash through the 80's released by Cherry Red Records!

Click the image to buy the book and 5 disc CD!

Click Tommy to get your copy!

Also, while Brett was recovering from his heart attack in 2004 he and Dark Mark embarked on a Techno Horror Metal Band called "THE 8 (Disciple Of The 8)". 8 techno horror Metal tracks to fill you full of horrorific tracks ranging from the film The Shining to Tales of Jack the Ripper, shocking blood thirsty lyrics to fill you full of fear of the unknown.... OOOOooorrrrAAAAHHaaarrrrhhhh!

Behave, please... Also available on iTunes YouTube Spotify. Click the album cover for iTunes downloads!

October 2018

No News Is Good News
Just because there is no news does NOT mean nothing is happening. There are things bubbling under but we don't want to announce them just yet. Just be assured that it's something really cool, wicked, awesome and all those words that are of a similar ilk. So relax, take it easy and watch this space.

March 2009

Happy New Year
The boys wish you all a very prosperous 2009 and hope to be coming at you soon with the big release of their CD's through Death Rape Inc. along with a brand new album still very much in the works. Watch this space.

January 2009


December 2008

October 2008

Morgueazm on the Metal Breakfast Radio Show
Morgueazm are on the playlist over at Metal Breakfast Radio, the show hosted by Dave Ingram and Donovan Spenceley. Get over there and check it out, Morgueazm are on two of the shows so far and you can hear them both by clicking on the appropriate streams. Choose shows 2.1 and 2.6 to hear the boys, but don't stop there. You MUST listen to all the shows at Metal Breakfast Radio because... they just kick fucking arse!!!!!

July 2008

Well Fuck
So much for the new web host. Since our initial transfer across amidst tales of NO pop ups or embedded ads, lo and behold... here they fucking are. We realise that free web hosts have to make money somehow, but just be honest about it will you? Morgueazm are duly seeking yet another host, please put up with the nauseous ads for the time being.

Update: We couldn't stand it any longer and have already found a new host. Thank you to for being found in Google so easily.

January 2008

A Morgueazmic Christmas to all you rotting corpses out there
See you in 2008 with more Morgueazmic tunes

December 2007

Morgueazm featured on this week's Unsigned Rock Zone Podcast
A huge thank you to Unsigned Rock Zone for including Morgueazm in this week's Podcast. There are some great bands featured and the boys are honoured to be included amongst them. You can hear the Podcast by clicking here.

December 2007

Have a creepful time our children of zer night. Yes we are aware that Bitchblade's Halloween pic is far tastier than Gramie's.

October 2007

We're not dead, just resting...
We know we've not been very active lately but really... our free web host decided to kick us off just because we hadn't updated the website for 30 days. We could have stayed *if* we had gone for one of their paid packages. But listen up Freehostia, this band doesn't make any money so it ain't going to give you any. Nope, we are now with a bonafide freebie provider so hats off to They even allow (legal) adult material. Bless em'.

October 2007

As we were saying...
A little while ago we tried, and failed miserably to bring you the opportunity to listen to the Morgueazm albums in full from this very website. Well we've found a better and more reliable provider so here we go again. If you'd like to listen to Fun With Formaldehyde AND Multiple Morgueazms from start to finish, with no stops, no rests and no toilet breaks, then go to the music page now.

Well, you can go to the toilet if you like. Do we spoil you?

August 2007

Best laid plans of mice and men
It would appear that the super jukeboxes we had set up on the music page so you could listen to the Morgueazm albums weren't so super after all. In fact they were shite because the links kept breaking and we got fed up of fixing them. So alas, for the time being it's back to the usual links to SoundClick if you want to hear any Morgueazm tunes.

May 2007

Still not bought any Morgueazm CD's yet?
If you're still not convinced, then you can go to the music page right now and listen to both albums in full. You can't download them though because that would be naughty. Maybe hearing the whole caboodle before you part with your well earned cash might just be the push you need? Go here if you feel like being molested, thrilled, appalled, disgusted or mildly amused. Talk about hard sell.

April 2007

Happy Easter
We know there hasn't been much news in here lately but don't worry. Things are bubbling behind the scenes and as soon as we feel it's the right time, we'll hit you with news on the next Morgueazm album. These things don't appear overnight yannow. Genius takes time.

Meanwhile, have a Happy Easter for whatever reason you choose. Us, we just like to have a few days off to stuff our faces with choccie.

April 2007

Happy New Year
We hope to see you all continuing to visit the Morgueazm website throughout 2007. Keep a look out for news about the upcoming third Morgueazm album. That's all we're saying for now.

January 2007

Halloween is cumming!!!
Hey, did you know that our very own Morgueazm Mistress the Bitchblade has her own internet radio show? Yup, it's called The Deep Cut Hour and her Halloween Special is online right now. With a playlist that includes music from W.A.S.P., Motorhead, Rob Zombie, Murderdolls, Lordi and... Morgueazm!!! How can you resist? Get along to The Deep Cut Hour now and have a listen.

October 2006

Morgueazm out of Corewars
Well it's been fun but sadly Morgueazm have been voted out of
Corewars this week. Thanks to everyone who voted, the boys really appreciate it. Huge congrats to the mighty Ominous for kicking Morgueazmic butt this week and good luck to all remaining bands in the contest.

But don't let this stop you from continuing to vote and support those great Heavycore bands. Get along to Corewars right now and get clicking.

October 2006

Morgueazm commences round 2 of Corewars
It's time to vote again so don't spare the horses!!! Get along to
Corewars right now and click on that little box next to the band you all love and adore. Yes we mean Morgueazm, not Backstreet Boys. Although there IS a similarity we suppose.

While you're there check out the other band matches and vote for the bands you like best. Support the metal scene why don't ya?

September 2006

Morgueazm get through first round of Corewars
Thank you to everyone who voted for Morgueazm in their first heat of Corewars, the boys really appreciate it. Stay tuned for more news and find out when the next Morgueazmic heat will be. Meanwhile check out the bands that are competing this week and cast your votes.

Also, check out Pet's latest reviews of music, movies and porn. It's what your left leg is for!!!

September 2006

Corewars is on again!!!
If any of you have a little Morgueazm in your souls, please please PLEASE vote for them in this year's Corewars. Yes, the infamous battle of the bands organised by Heavycore is up and running again with Morgueazm yet again amongst the competition. So get along to Corewars right now and vote Morgueazm. Apparently the boys get a nice prize if they win.

And don't forget to check out the other bands competing in their own matches and vote for the ones you like.

September 2006

Morgueazm music on Horror Movie soundtrack
The music of Morgueazm is to be used on the soundtrack of upcoming Horror Movie; Sex, Blood and Rock N' Roll. The film's plot centres around a group of swingers who also just happen to be vampires. Be prepared for lots of sex, nudity and gore in a film shocker that promises to titillate and terrify. The movie comes from UK film company Utopian Pictures and also features the music of ANTIPRODUCT
, EXORSISTERS, WHOREMOAN, BABY BITCH and PINCER. More details plus the official movie website will follow soon.

August 2006

Back to business
After a long news drought when we couldn't access the servers, the Morgue is now relocated to another provider. Stay tuned for regular news updates, reviews from Pet of Perversion and general fucking around by the webmaster (aka Gramie).

June 2006

Happy New Year
Glad to see you are all still with us. This year is going to see lots of good things for Morgueazm but we're not going to spoil any surprises just yet. Just  keep the faith and the boys won't let you down.

January 2006

December 2005

Gramie wins 2nd place in remix competition
Morgueazm guitarist Gramie Dee recently took part in a remix competition on and won 2nd prize. The competition required him to take an existing song by pop group "Serenity" and remix it in his own style. What could he do other than "Morgueazmise" it? One of the Judges is quoted as saying "Your track was one of the most entertaining, you took the song in an entirely unexpected direction and you made it work, I don't know how"

You can hear the original song "I Can See The Sun" by Serenity here and you can hear Gramie's version "Black Sun" right here, We think you'll spot the difference.

November 2005

October 2005

Multiple Morgueazms review and interview with Gramie
A new review of Multiple Morgueazms plus an interview with our favourite shaven headed horror meister; Gramie Dee is now up on line in the Halloween edition of Space Junkies Magazine. Check it out to see what Wednesday Elektra has to say about the boys' latest album and to read Gramie's self indulgent ramblings and claims to stardom.

October 2005

Two new recruits to the Morgue Army
Morgueazm is pleased to welcome two new additions to the ever growing Army of the Morgue. Say hello to our latest Morgueazm Mistress Amy, also known as Black Sunshine. A very Goth lady who runs her own Goth fashion shop. You can find her on the Mistresses page

September 2005

Morgueazm out of Core Wars
Yes we're afraid so. But it's not all dark, Morgueazm did well in the Heavycore member votes and it was only ONE point difference from Committee votes that decided the victor. Here's a breakdown of the voting as sent to us by Pete Altieri at Heavycore:

Match 4 - Morgueazm vs. Mouthful of Flies
fan votes (Mouthful of Flies 335-184)
member votes (Morgueazm 15-14)
committee votes (Mouthful of Flies 3-2)
final score (Mouthful of Flies 2-1)

Thank you everyone who voted, it does mean a lot to the boys in Morgueazm. A great big horns up salute to Mouthful Of Flies, it was an honour to be beaten by a band of such great standing.

But don't stop voting in Core Wars, there's still plenty of bands worthy of your support. Go to:


Keep voting for the bands you like best and support Heavycore the greatest network of bands across the world.

August 2005

The heat is on - Morgueazm in round 3 of Core Wars
Thanks to everyone who has voted so far and got Morgueazm to this stage in Core Wars, the on-line battle of the bands organised by Heavycore. Now the guys need your support again so please vote for them every day this week until Sunday to get them through to the semi-finals. Just go to:


Vote for Morgueazm but while you're there check out the other band battles and vote for the bands you like best. All Heavycore bands are pure and true metal, no Limp Dickshit there.

August 2005

Morgueazm wins second heat in Core Wars
A huge Morgueazmic thank you to everyone who voted for Morgueazm in the second heat of Core Wars, the on-line battle of the bands organised by Heavycore. More battles lie ahead but for now the guys are celebrating their latest victory. A huge salute to all the bands taking part in the contest, none of them are losers. Don't forget, you can vote for all the bands that you like at Core Wars. Don't stop just because Morgueazm aren't running at present. And of course we will let you know when the band is in the next heat of the contest. Watch this space.

August 2005

Morgueazm in Core Wars round 2
Yes it's time again as Morgueazm goes once more in to the breach in the mighty Core Wars on-line Battle of the Bands. The guys ask you all for your votes again to help them through to the next round. Competition is harder this time as all of the previous winners are through to this stage so please vote for Morgueazm every day at the following link.


 If Morgueazm wins they will be included on the highly coveted Core Til Death compilation CD and it gets a very wide distribution in record stores across the USA as well as on-line sales via Heavycore.

Would YOU vote for these guys? We know we wouldn't.

August 2005

Morgueazm wins first heat in Core Wars
In a dramatic photo finish against the mighty Gideon's Pawn, Morgueazm pipped them to the post with only a few points to spare. Thank you to everyone who voted. Morgueazm salutes Gideon's Pawn as most worthy opponents. Here's an extract from an email sent out by Pete Altieri; founder of Heavycore:

"The war rages on . . . and another kick ass week of CORE WARS is done.  Here are the winners in the week 2 matches:

Morgueazm, Misanthropic, Heavy-Handed, and Kill the Messenger

Congrats to all the bands who competed.  In match 1 with Morgueazm and Gideon's Pawn, over 800 fans voted and Morgueazm won with only a 20 vote margin.  Hell yeah!  Great job to both bands on that great photo finish!"

Remember, Core Wars isn't over yet and Morgueazm will need your votes in the next heat. Watch this space for details of when they go in to battle again. Meanwhile keep on visiting Core Wars and vote for the bands that you like. Heavycore only has the very best bands so give them your support.

August 2005

Heavycore Press Release
Heavycore presents the 4th annual CORE WARS contest. This is an online battle of the bands with Heavycore members that will begin Sunday July 17th and will go on for several weeks until one band is left standing. This year the competition will feature 32 of the heaviest metal bands on the planet. Visit to vote in the competition every day! Sponsors for this event are Chicago Metal Works, Maddog Rock Radio, The Autopsy Report, 3 Headed Moses, and Angelfire. is the official website for Heavycore and all heavy bands are urged to apply for membership and take advantage of the many things the Core has to offer.

*Morgueazmic note: Morgueazm will be in the competition so all you Morguephiles... you know what you have to do. Thank you.

July 2005

The Mistress Army Grows Ever Stronger
Morgueazm is proud to announce that yet another new Mistress has joined the ranks of the Morgue Army so please welcome the lovely Jo. She's a good mate of the Bitchblade so that's double-trouble. See her on the Mistresses page and beware.

June 2005

Special limited download
Don't miss this opportunity to download Morgueazm's cover of Jethro Tull's "Aqualung". Originally recorded to appear on the new album Multiple Morgueazms, the rights were never obtained and so the track was doomed to obscurity in the Morgue's vaults but now for a limited time you can download it here. Grab it before it disappears forever.

April 2005

Radio Legend Tommy Vance dies
The end of a great era as Radio One Deejay Tommy Vance dies after suffering a stroke on Sunday 6th March 2005. He was a great supporter of the metal scene and his Friday Rock show helped to bring many bands to the front that otherwise would have remained anonymous. Gramie has a personal tribute to make to Tommy.

For your help and support of our previous band Blood Money by inviting us to record a Radio One session on the Friday Rock Show during 1987, Gramie, Brett and the rest of Blood Money want to thank you Mr Vance. Thank you for all the support you gave to bands, and thank you for bringing true music to the world. You will be missed.

March 2005

New Morgueazmic web site now launched
The boys decided to have a tidy up and have redecorated the Morgue with a new web site design. Have a look round, pull up a corpse and take a seat. There's cool formaldehyde in the fridge and (severed) finger food if you're feeling peckish.

February 2005

Multiple Morgueazms selling out fast
Multiple Morgueazms; the new album from Morgueazm is going quickly. Be sure to get your copy while you still can or you'll have to wait while the next batch is produced. Order the album at now.

January 2005

Morgueazm banned from
Yes that's right. Morgueazm's page at has been deleted. The band has pushed the boundaries of bad taste too far and offended the Mormons who run MySpace. A sad occasion in that the guys had made a lot of good contacts there in radio stations and magazines who wish to review the new album "Multiple Morgueazms", but also a triumph as the boys yet again prove that they bow to no one and will continue to spread their twisted message across the world. No precise reasons have been given as to why the page was kicked out, but it is suspected to be due to a picture of the beautiful Chainswhore, naked and covered in blood as she proudly holds up the severed head of pop brat Britney Spears. This masterpiece of macabre has been added to this web site and you can view it right here on the Chainswhore's page, free from censorship and the tyranny of oppressing posers like MySpace.

View the pic now


Morgueazm Mistresses need YOU!!!!!
Ladies, would YOU like to be a Morgueazm Mistress? The search is on for more beautiful ladies to join our ranks and appear on the Mistress page of this web site. If you are dark, mysterious, in to horror and metal music, we'd like to hear from you. E-mail us at with some pics and biog and we will immortalise you as a Morgueazm Mistress. First 10 e-mails received will get a free copy of the new album "Multiple Morgueazms".

November 2004

Duchess Sarah Ferguson poses nude
That most BRITISH of babes; Duchess Sarah Ferguson has posed nude for a new book that supports Sir Elton John's AIDS charity. The book is called "Four Inches" and will be published May 2005. Fergie will be seen wearing only a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes and Cartier jewellery. Morgueazm salutes you Fergie and makes you an honorary Morgueazm Mistress. Rule Britannia. Full story here.

October 2004

Read the latest Morgueazm interview at Space Junkies Magazine
The special Halloween edition of Space Junkies Magazine is now on line and features a new interview with Morgueazm. You can find it at

October 2004

Morgueazm video pre-production begins
Gramie recently had a meeting with the production crew making the Morgueazm video. Ideas were discussed in preparation for story boards which will be created for the song "Succubus". It is scheduled for shooting during November and is planned to star several of the Morgueazm Mistresses including the Chainswhore herself. More news when the story boards are completed.

August 2004

Order Multiple Morgueazms now
You can now make advanced orders to purchase Multiple Morgueazms via the official CD web site at The album will retail at £10 plus P&P.

August 2004

Multiple Morgueazms is finished
Finally, the new album from Morgueazm "Multiple Morgueazms" is finished and ready for release. Keep watching this page for news on when you can buy it. Word from Gramie: "It's fan-fucking-tastic!!!!!"

July 2004

Morgueazm out of Core Wars
Morgueazm has been pipped to the post in the penultimate round of Core Wars. It was a very fine line but the guys are un-crushed and fully enjoyed competing against all the great bands who took part. Now Morgueazm are watching closely as the grand final takes place between Osmium and Chainsaw Homicide. Both bands are mighty and worthy of the grand prize. Go to Heavycore now and place your votes. Good luck to both bands and CORE TIL DEATH!!!!!

July 2004

Morgueazm win second heat of Core Wars
Thank you all yet again for voting for Morgueazm. The band are now in the penultimate round so your votes will be needed even more now. Vote here (Death Match 2) to get Morgueazm through to the big final, and the prize of appearing on Core Til Death 3, the glorious CD compilation from Heavycore.

July 2004

Morgueazm voting now on for second heat of Core Wars
You can now vote for Morgueazm again in Core Wars. Thanks to all of you who have got the band so far ahead in this competition. The guys are proud to have such a loyal following and they won't let you down with the new album which is virtually ready for release. News on that very very soon.

July 2004

Morgueazm get through to second heat
Thanks to all those who voted, Morgueazm are now through to the second heat of Core Wars, the battle of the bands organised by Heavycore. The guys are very grateful and hope you will continue to vote for them when the next round begins. Watch this space for details.

June 2004

Vote for Morgueazm
Morgueazm was officially the first Heavycore band to sign up for this year's Core Wars. Fans of the band can vote for them right here. Please support the guys in their quest to bring you their "tasteful" and "family friendly" music by voting for them. If they win it means a slot on the upcoming "Core Til Death III" compilation CD from Heavycore. You know you want to do it.

May 2004

Xanthoma tracks on line
As Gramie's side project "Xanthoma" nears completion, two tracks have been uploaded to Click the link if you are eager for some dark and heavy doom and thrashy death.

February 2004

Avok Returns!!!!!
Morgueazm drummer Bret Avok is now fully recovered from his heart attack last August. After having a 3 month break in Australia, he is now back in the UK and all set to complete work on the new album "Multiple Morgueazms" with a release date for the end of February 2004.

January 2004

The "Chainswhore" Unveiled
Here is the first glimpse of Morgueazm's official mascot the "Chainswhore". The "Chainswhore" is the evil alter ego of one of the lovely Morgueazm Mistresses and features on the album cover artwork of the upcoming CD "Multiple Morgueazms". Keep watching this web site for the big re-launch very soon, including a fully re-designed site and a full gallery of "Chainswhore" pics.

January 2004

New Morgueazm review up at Heavycore
Morgueazm's 5 song sampler from the upcoming album "Multiple Morgueazms" has been reviewed by Pete Altieri at Heavycore. Click the link to check it out now!!!

January 2004

Send a Morgueazmic E-Card
Prove that you "care" about someone by sending them a Morgueazmic E-Card. It'll really cheer up your loved one when they see a sexy Morgueazm greeting card staring back at them with glassy eyes. Just go to the Crypt and click on "Send an E-Card" to share some Morgueazmic moments.

 December 2003

Morgueazm to shoot video during 2004
Plans are underway to shoot a Morgueazm music video. It is undecided yet as to which track will be chosen to feature in the video, but it will likely be one from the new album "Multiple Morgueazms" and will be included on the CD as a multimedia file. The video will also be available on line and will be made by a production company in Cheshire, United Kingdom. More news as it develops.

December 2003

For Ozzy
Morgueazm send their love and best wishes to Ozzy and his family, and wish him a full and speedy recovery. Never say die!!!

December 2003

New Morgue Forum on-line
A new forum has been created by Morgueazm Mistress Lisa a.k.a. BitchBlade. Come and join her and the other Morgueazm Mistresses to talk about life, the universe, smut and whatever. Discussions about Morgueazm are not compulsory.

The Morgue

December 2003

Gramie's in-box swamped
Due to Gramie's in-box being bombarded by e-mails with advanced orders for the up coming Morgueazm album "Multiple Morgueazms", a separate e-mail address has been created. If you wish to make advanced enquiries regarding the new album, send all mail to and give Gramie a chance to read his porn mail in peace.

December 2003

Porn Metal!!! - Another NEW Morgueazm track on line
The last of four free preview tracks from upcoming album "Multiple Morgueazms" is now available for download at SoundClick. The song is "I Lick Your Meat" and promises to be both titillating and raucous. Be prepared with plenty of tissues at hand.

November 2003

Gramie's "other band" part 2
The official website for Gramie's pet death/doom metal project: "Xanthoma" has now been launched. You can check it out at where you will find information on the band personnel, how it all came about, info on the new songs and a news page with full details on the progress of the album. MP3's will soon be available for download.

November 2003

Gramie's "other band": CD nears completion
Xanthoma, a death/doom project created by Morgueazm guitarist/vocalist Gramie Dee and former Blood Money bass player Dale Lee is nearing completion after more than a year of production. Gramie and Dale have renewed their old Blood Money partnership to record "Mausolea": an album of brutal and provocative death/doom metal. Vocals are provided by Diabolical Dismemberment's Sean Nelson. The album is expected to be released before the completion of Morgueazm's new CD "Multiple Morgueazms" and should keep all those who grow impatient for the new Morgueazm album happy for the time being. Xanthoma's official web site is due to be launched very soon.

October 2003

New Morgueazm interview
The latest Morgueazm interview is now on line at Midwest Metal. Get along there and read up on how the Morgueazm boys have been doing lately. Gasp in awe at Gramie's manipulation of the English language, be amazed at Mark's insight for alternative music like um... Foo Fighters (?), and join Brett as he bitches (yet again) about his fucking heart attack.

Midwest Metal

October 2003

Good news, bad news
The good news is, Brett has been given the "all clear" by the hospital after his recent heart attack, and is now on the road to a full recovery. He will be convalescing in Australia with loved ones for a few weeks to recharge his batteries. The bad news is, the new album "Multiple Morgueazms" will be on hold until he gets back. Brett says he regrets the situation, but he wants to give the mix on the new album his very best efforts, and that can only be possible if he is fully rested and revitalised. He also said that this new album will be worth waiting for!!! The CD is now expected to be finished by February 2004.

October 2003

Finished tracks on line
Three tracks from the new album "Multiple Morgueazms" have been released for preview and are on line at IUMA. The tracks are: Ich Komm' In Deinem Blut, Heavycore and Gloom Of The Dead. Feel free to download them as a taster of what's to come when the new album is released soon.

October 2003

New web site design on the way
New designs are under way for a full face lift of this web site. This will tie in with the release of the new album "Multiple Morgueazms", and the overall look and feel will reflect the design for the CD cover. Fans of the famous cemetery gate entrance page need not worry, because a new version is being developed and for the first time ever, site visitors will be able to travel beyond those gates. People of a nervous disposition take heed... you have been warned.

September 2003

Multiple Morgueazms Track Listing
The track listing for the new album is finalised. Here are the song titles for a sinister mix of horror, death, thrash, gore, sex, lewdness and fun.

1) Multiple Morgueazms
(Creepy and atmospheric instrumental by Dark Mark)
2) Ich Komm' In Deinem Blut
(Sung in German because the lyrics are way too nasty for English)
3) I Love Your Mind
(A romantic song about a guy and his love for his girl's um... brain)
4) Romancing The Dead
(Want to score tonight? Go dig up a date)
5) Succubus
(Sweet song that turns real nasty)
6) Chainswhore
(She's a whore... with a chainsaw)
7) All About Me
(Not you... me me me!!!)
8) I Lick Your Meat
(Not a song about food, but does involve eating)
9) Embrace The Darkness
(Sad tale of real life horrors)
10) Big Scat Momma
(Jazz/Death metal... just to be really diverse)
11) Sherman Tank
(Song about everyone's favourite solo activity)
12) Rotting Angel
(For those who miss their departed)
13) Gloom Of The Dead
(Cover version of a brutal as fuck Diabolical Dismemberment song)
14) Heavycore
(Cover version of the anthem by metal gods Low Twelve)
15) A secret surprise track!!!
(It's a secret... and a surprise)

The album is on schedule and will be available November 2003

September 2003

Morgueazm Merchandise
For those of you who desire it, a shop has been set up at  The Morgueazm Shopping Maul has a selection of items that are emblazoned with the magnificent Morgueazm logo, including T-shirts, hats, mugs, bumper stickers and oooooh THONGS!!! Just click the button on the home page to be transported to this wondrous emporium of morgueazmic delights.

September 2003

Brett heart attack scare
Morgueazm drummer Brett Avok suffered a minor heart attack last Sunday (August 24th). After initially scaring the shit out of the band, Brett is now doing fine in hospital and will hopefully be going home this coming Friday (August 29th). It would seem he has been overdoing things by working in the studio 24/7 on the mix for the new album, along with whatever the fuck else he may have been doing. This means that the album release date will be delayed while the band strive to keep him away from his drum kit, but Brett's admission to the Morgue has been cancelled, so thank fuck for that anyway.

Click on the pic for a larger version... if you dare
Click for a larger version if you dare

August 2003

New album due November 2003
Recording of "Multiple Morgueazms" is almost complete. All vocals, guitars and drum tracks are down, while bass and keyboards are in progress. The mixing and mastering stage will soon follow, which will enable a tentative release date of November 2003.

August 2003

Demo tracks on line
Gramie has released two demo tracks from "Multiple Morgueazms" so you can have a sneak preview of what to expect from the new album. Please bear in mind that Gramie recorded these tracks on his PC so the quality isn't as good as the finished songs will be. Check out the tracks: "Chainswhore" and "I Love Your Mind" NOW on

July 2003

More Album News
All the songs for the new CD are now finished, and demo versions are in the hands of Brett and Mark. Recording has been pencilled in for August. Meanwhile, exciting ideas are being produced for the CD cover artwork. Watch this space for further developments.

July 2003

Album News
Work has now started on Morgueazm's second CD. Gramie has already been hard at work in the studio producing demo tracks for the album, titled "Multiple Morgueazms". The songs follow theme of sex and horror, and promise to bring you more of the sinister, horrific and hilarious sounds you associate with Morgueazm. The album will be recorded this summer 2003.

February 2003

Sad News
Sodoff; the Morgueazm cat died on Sunday December 29th 2002.
He was a good friend to Brett and a true fucking metal head.
He was deeply loved and will be sorely missed. R.I.P. Sodoff, our friend.

Brett and his mate Soddoff the MorgueazM Cat...

February 2003

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